SATURDAY 15.12.2012 : LEFTORIUM @ BAZAAR with Andrew Weatherall, Sean Johnston, Sascha Dive + Volt.Mar & Dialect


main room

A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE : ANDREW WEATHERALL (Rotter’s Golf Club, London) & SEAN JOHNSTON (Hardway Bros, London)

GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium, Brussels)



MINIMOOD label night :

SASCHA DIVE (Cocoon/Deep Vibes/Minimood, Frankfurt)

VOLT.MAR (Randform/Minimood, Maastritch)

DIALOG (Strictly Vinyl, Maastritch)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium, Brussels)



63 Rue des Capucins/Capucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


8 euros before 00.00/12 euros after



We already had a memorable party last year with the – yes- legendary dj/producer, the man behind Primal Scream’s “Screamadelica” album, behind Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, behind many cult London clubnights and a gentleman with an encyclopedist knowledge of music. Andrew Weatherall’s partnership with Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros), A Love from Outer Space (ALFOS), has become a full-on touring act after being primilary a Loindon club night and is dedicated to the exploration of slower (nothing exceeds 122 bpm) cosmic house, low-slung techno, hypno-disco and many other psychedelic gems in between and to let you experience and dive in that fully, they will perform a mammoth 6 hours set from 23.00 in the main room. They will start really slow and build, build, build until Leftorium’s own and ALFOS friend Geoffroy Mugwump finishes off. ALFOS have favoured loads of Mugwump music in their sets for a while and Andrew Weatherall has recently remixed some Mugwump music, while Mugwump have completed a remix for The Asphodells, Andrew’s forthcoming album with Tim Fairplay.Mugwump have also previously remixed Sean Johnson’s Hardway Bros project, so it will be a tale of mutual appreciation all around the main room.


» Listen to A Love From Outer Space mix for Phuture Labs






Minimood Label night:

The minimal avant-garde Berlin label has released killer music from Gregorythme, Ziggy Kinder, Mark Henning and the Minimood crew, Volt.Mar & Dialect have brought the Deep Vibes and Raum maestro with them. Sascha Dive has become extremely popular since joining the Cocoon booking agency and does not hesitate to combine new and old, America and Europe, light grooves and finest melodies. He does not care whether a record is 10 years or 10 days old. What counts is its aesthetics and if the results fits in his sophisticated dramaturgy and subtlety of his set. Dive’s DJ sets are characterized by his knowledge of Afro-American dance music and more abstract music from the UK, like Baby Ford or Melchior productions. He has recently remixed Matthew Dear and released music from Rick Wade on his Deep Vibes imprint.Leftorium’s Prince Off will start and finishing off the night with his trademark versatile deep-house sound.


» Listen to Sascha Dive in the mix