Friday 07.03.14 : Leftorium @ Bazaar with It’s a Fine Line (Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris)


Main room

aka Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris (Kill The DJ/Marketing)

GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium, Brussels)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium)



63 Rue des Capucins/Kapucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


12 euros – 8 euros before 00.00



Ivan & Tim have been knocking killer tracks and remixes on labels such as Turbo, History Clock, Marketing, Live at Robert Johnson, Moshi Moshi, Kompakt, I’m A Cliché, Join Our Club, Hell Yeah, Kill The Dj or XL and opened their sound to a lot more influences that the classic krautrock/italo/space disco thing : industrial beats, 50’s rockabilly, sixties psychedaelia, probably as a reaction to the house music return to classicism (deep/bongo/loops) and the commercial diffusion of the neo-disco sound, defining a new dark, moody and oddly quite sexy genre in the process. After having completed the production of Battant’s debut album on Kill The Dj, the duo has finally found time to work on their own debut album, due soon on KTDJ too while Tim Paris has recently released the amazing “Dancers” LP on My Favorite Robot too.
Together, they unleash unpredictable and massive dj sets. They will perform a mind-bending 3 hours set at Leftorium.