Friday 24.01.2014 : Leftorama 3rd bday @ Bazaar with DJ Hell


Main room


DJ HELL (International Deejay Gigolos, Munich)

GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium, Brussels)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium)


A total German icon and a man of great taste, Hell never failed to please, from his humble beginnings as a punk & new-wave dj to his rise to stardom as one of the best dj’s in the business… He was the first German dj to sign to R&S, released music on Disko B, X-Mix, K7!, masterminded the fledging Gigolo records imprint, shaped the Electroclash generation, collaborating with everyone from Alan Vega, Dita Von Teese & Billie Ray Martin to Bryan Ferry & P Diddy while recently supporting the Femen activists big time ; and his recent “Teufelswerk” album and Klaus Nomi ‘s “Cold Song” remake proved to be a marvellous success with critics and punters alike. His djing carefully balances Detroit techno, modern house and colder electronic sounds in one “hell” of a sound. Get ready to rock, folks.




63 Rue des Capucins/Kapucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


12 euros