Friday 9th October : Leftorium @ Beurs with Andrew Weatherall & Empty Taxi live



Andrew Weatherall (The Asphodells, A Love from Outer Space, UK)

Empty Taxi live + Special Guests

MUGWUMP (Leftorium, BE)

Prince Off (Leftorium, BE)


Mugwump’s recent “Unspell” album release party led the pair to bring the Leftorium vibe to Beurs and on October 9th they will bring back one of their fave artists, Andrew Weatherall, the epitome of non-conformism in dance music. His influence on modern electronic music is simply, massive…from his production role on Primal Scream’s seminal ‘Screamadelica’ to his output on Warp Records or producing remixes for James, Future Sound Of London, Stereo MC’s, Bjork, The Orb, The Wolfgang Press, Siouxsie, St Etienne, Beth Orton, Manic Street Preachers, Leftfield, Fuckbuttons, his career is marked by a continual reinvention as the most unassuming type of leader.
Leftorium honchos & residents Mugwump & Prince Off will of course join the fun.


Leftorium will also host an extremely cool live by French-Northern producer & vocalist Zoe Mc Pherson aka Empty Taxi, who has emerged as fully-fledged genius producer of impecabbly put together, atmospheric avant-pop, shifting trough vocal-lined techno and ambient with shades of Muslimgauze, Vatican Shadow or Gazelle Twin.



20-28 August Ortsstraat 1000 Brussels Belgium


10 euros – 8 euros before 00.00