Friday 9th Jan : Leftorium presents Massimiliano Pagliara



MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARA (Panoramabar/Berghain, Live at Robert Johnson, Balihu)

MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium/Subfield)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium)



63 Rue des Capucins/Kapucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


10 euros



Massimiliano Pagliara, originally from Lecce, Italy, now a Berliner of choice, orchestrator of a warm bassline-sound accompanied with rich melodies – due to a deep love to vintage drum machines and synthesizers – presents his latest album ‘With One Another’ – follow-up of his debut album ‘Focus Of Infinity’, released in 2011 on Live At Robert Johnson. ‘With One Another’ shares the joy of Massimiliano’s trademark sound influenced by underground-disco of the 70s and new-wave of the early 80s. Starting from this point, he took a hand full of close friends along with him on a ride through his musical garden – reaching from italo-induced disco-smashers over to acid dripping floor fillers to charming proto-house. Connoisseurs and pleasure-makers like the mysterious Norwegian producer Telephones, primary rock and guru nd_baumecker, manhooking Mavin, dance-music-afficionado Lee Douglas, Credit 00 of Uncanny Valley fame, Live At Robert Johnson’s darling Benedikt Frey contributed their devotion to sound to this bright piece of music. Massimiliano Pagliara is also resident at club culture’s modern epicenter Panoramabar/Berghain where he spins his fabtastic sound.