Friday 9th of May : Leftorium, Bazaar, Origami & Les Actionnaires present Derrick May & Acid Arab @ Bazaar


Main room

DERRICK MAY (Transmat/R&S, Detroit)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium/Audiorama)

GUY T. HARRIS (Rainy Dayz Radio/Origami)



ACID ARAB dj set (Versatile, Paris)

MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium)


63 Rue des Capucins/Kapucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


12 euros – 10 euros before 00.00



Detroit innovator and spiritual techno don Derrick May’s reputation as
an originator (with Juan Atkins & Kevin Saunderson), remains untouched
despite more than a decade of recording inactivity but having recently
relaunched his mythic Transmat imprint. Derrick is now most renowned
for his prowess as a DJ and is a man still very much at the top of his
game, effortlessly combining a raw funk backbone with a smoother more
hypnotic sensibility. He’ll destroy the main room while Paris new big
sensation Acid Arab will turn the basement upside-down, playing with
the codes from Eastern music and driving dancers to trance just like
acid house. Mixed with beatboxes & bassline machines, their music is
something new : an oriental acid music which combines the coldness of
techno and the emotional and dramatic power of the East. Their dj sets
reflect that but not only, as both are accomplished dj’s. You’re in
for a treat of unexpected dance music…