Leftorium @ Bazaar Sat 25.05.2013 with Fairmont live, Jennifer Cardini & Brawther


Main room

JENNIFER CARDINI (Correspondant/Kompakt, FR)

GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium, Brussels)

PRINCE OFF (Leftorium)

Basement club : In Your Face

BRAWTHER (Secretsundaze/My Love Is Underground/Balance, FR)

PIRRÈS (In Your Face/Silver Network, A’PEN)

ARNE (In Your Face/Sunday Matinee, A’PEN)

CALVACHE (Sunday Matinee, A’PEN)

FLO RIS (Lucid/Kazzino, A’PEN)



63 Rue des Capucins/Kapucijnstraat Brussels Belgium


12 euros – 8 euros before 00.00





Jake Fairley aka Fairmont has recorded for leading global labels such as Border Community, Speicher, Dumb-Unit, Beachcoma, Sender or Traum and established himself as a key player and multi-faceted artist in the world of electronic music, whilst his live sets have bonded him with music lovers on the four corners of the planet. Probably best-known for his huge 2005 “Gazebo” anthem on Border Community, he’s been very busy re-inventing himself in various ways. His latest album, ‘Automaton’ deftly marries influences from across the decades, fusing 70s and 80s synth sounds with electro elements and themes from modern techno, electronica and indie pop, all enhanced by his rocking stage show that simuteanously is a killer dance-floor set (that comes highly recommended by the likes of Ivan Smagghe or Trevor Jackson). Jennifer Cardini will perform too, showcasing the sounds of her superb “Correspondant compilation 01” with the likes of The Hacker, Barnt, Daniel Maloso, Nhar, Daniel Avery and our own Jimi After. She’s a fantastic dj, out of the same Kill The DJ school with the likes of Leftorium regulars Ivan Smaghhe and Chlöé.




The basement is hosted by the In Your Face crew from Antwerp, presenting the fresh talents from Antwerp dj’s Arne, Flo Ris and Calvache and the one-and-only Pirrès. They’re bringing a bus full of party people with them and their superb guest, Brawther, who is one of the most forthright talents to emerge onto the French electronic scene in recent times. Taking his cues from the heads that have stayed true to the original ideas of house – from Larry Heard to Nottingham’s DIY collective – the principles of forward thinking yet timeless dance floor adventures run deep in him.