Mugwump CCC remix release + fan video

NYC nightbirds William Rauscher aka Nightplane (releasing music on Art Department’s N°19 Music and with an artist album scheduled on Wolf+Lamb) and Harry Bennett both form CCC, a new promising psychedelic and eclectic duo/label, whose influences range from “Armando to Sonic Youth with DJ Harvey in between”. They asked Mugwump to remix their amazing “Acid Snow” track and the result, here below in the form of a super cool, unusual and psychedelic Youtube video (thx Isidoro Rodriguez !) has been getting the the thumbs up from Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Magda, Kiki, The Magician, Gilb’R (Chateau Flight), Marc Pinöl, Paul Mogg & Populette. It’s out on vinyl NOW….