Frontstage (Le Soir) & Focus (Le Vif-L’ Express) give some love to Leftorium

“Sortie de Route” is a cool & deviant chronicle on Belgian nightlife, published by Focus/Le Vif-L’Express and this week it has quoted us Best Night of 2011 and spoke very nicely about Geoffroy Mugwump » Read it here “Frontstage” is the blog for all things rock & pop from Leading french-talking Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”, they asked a few questions …

SATURDAY 10.12.11 : LEFTORIUM @ AA DOCKS with Andrew Weatherall & Tobias Thomas

DJ’S ANDREW WEATHERALL (Rotter’s Golf Club, London) TOBIAS THOMAS (Kompakt, Cologne) GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium, Brussels)   VJ’S Orchid Bite, VJ -Ed & Squarefish Visuals   LEFTORIUM @ AA DOCKS 7 Bd International(e)-Laan 1070 Brussels 23.00/06.00 private party   After a great, great party at AA Docks with killer sets from Ivan Smagghe, Kiki and Geoffroy Mugwump, we are back on …

Friday 07.10.11 : Leftorium at AA Docks with Ivan Smagghe & Kiki

DJ’S [break] IVAN SMAGGHE (IT’S A FINE LINE/KILL THE DJ) KIKI (B-PITCH CONTROL) GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (KOMPAKT/LEFTORIUM) PRINCE OFF (LEFTORIUM) VJ’S Orchid Bite & Supersymmetry Visuals (by Anna Michalska vs Pierre de Mûelenaere) Digital wallpaper by Tenue de Ville, Belgian Design & Fashion studio [break] LEFTORIUM @ AA Docks 7 Bd International 1070 Brussels Friday 07.10.11/ 23.00-06.00 » PLAN [break] Ivan …

Mugwump : Interview on

Mugwump are the Belgian production duo Geoffroy and Kolombo who manage to simultaneously release music on the biggest techno labels of our time (Kompakt, Cocoon, Gigolo, R&S) while keeping disco credentials up high as well with appearances on fledging cosmic/disco imprints such as Eskimo, Permanent Vacation, Endless Flight/Mule Musiq or Misericord. » Show interview

Saturday 20.08.11 : Leftorium at K-Nal (F)estval with Jo Saurbier

We know it’s been a while and we can finally unveil a few new infos. Before two truly massive events this Fall 2011, we’ve decided to join the K-Nal (F)estival this Summer in the great company of other excellent Brussels-based party organisations and for what looks to be a great new Leftorium gathering.