Saturday 08/10 : Leftorium at Beurs with Christian S. & Mugwump LIVE

Leftorium welcomes one of Cologne’s best, Christian S. to Beursschouwburg… An outstanding DJ – most of all, a true DJ. Deep dance floor knowledge is what you can witness when ‘S’ is spinning the wheels of steel. Rocking parties in Cologne since the 90s, alongside Matias Aguayo at their legendary “LOST” parties, making the crowd dance to sleazy underground house jams; hypnotic wild pitch rhythms; modern grooves from South Africa; untold psychedelic disco stories; or the powerful wall-shaking basslines of his own tracks. His music on Matias Aguayo ‘s Comeme imprint is injecting some intriguing rhythms into the dance world with Cómeme classics like “Jagos”, “The Power of Now”, his solo EPs “Pitch Rider” and “Six Million Bassdrums Later” or his remixes for Little Dragon, JMII and Colder.

To start things off, we ‘re having Mugwump’s new live show & improved band line-up (bass+vox : Stephane Fedele / synths+vox+machines : Geoffroy Mugwump/ drums : Lukas Melville / guitar : Thomas Stadnicki). They will showcase their new sound, heading towards a big blend of influences such as Throbbing Gristle, (Belgian cult 80’s band) TC Matic, early Talking Heads, The Stranglers, Johnny Marr, Air, Can, Protomartyr or a darker LCD
Soundystem and present the upcoming Metempsycho EP, which serves as a vehicle and playground for the new live formation, with epic & total re-arrangements of previous album songs put into a new context. The new single, « At the Front », an eerie piece of post-punk indie pop, signals Mugwump’s second album , penned for 2017.
Kkkkiller remixes from Ivan Smagghe/Rupert Cross, Fabrizio Mammarella & Front De Cadeaux are included on the EP for all your odd dancefloor needs and will be aired on the night.

Prince Off & Geoffroy Mugwump will warm u up and cool you down with DJ sets as usual…

strictly limited capacity. come early !

Rue A. Ortsstraat 20-28 1000 Brussels
8 EUROS before 23PM !

DOORS 22PM till….>>