After having landed at Bazaar with the Leftorium parties where i enjoyed playing after our great guests, I tought it was maybe time to let loose at the controls solo for an occasional 8hrs marathon set of electronic dance music and beyond.I haven’t done that since the magic Food days where it was each time very, very special for me. I will start really slow and build up the whole night with all sorts of dance-music -some über upfront and some very old – that’s ticking my box. I will also premiering brand new Mugwump material that’s including remixes for Days of Being Wild and Andrew Weatherall and our forthcoming exclusive on Astrolab… Geoffroy

an occasional 8 HOURS solo set by

GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Throne of Blood/Kompakt)

all night long….


63 rue des Capucins/Capucijnstraat
1000 Brussels


free entrance !

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