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It is with sheer excitation that we're proposing in the main room, the first ever Belgian show by A Love From Outer Space, the new venture from one of the truly finest DJ on earth, Andrew Weatherall together with sparring-partner Sean Johnston, both supported by Geoffroy Mugwump, while Prince Off will host a Minimood label night with Cocoon's Sascha Dive and label stalwarts Voltmar and Dialog in the basement club.

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We are back for another season at Bazaar in Brussels on the Saturday 1st of september, with a brand new sound-system and quite a few changes coming up too: we will be now operating monthly and from october on, we will develop Leftorium on two different floors at Bazaar...

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We are SO ready to unleash our next event at Le Bazaar ! The previous Leftorium party there with Kompakt's Superpitcher was beyond our expectations, to say the least and this time we return with the one-and-only I-Cube from Parisian mainstay label Versatile, which is a true gem among connoisseurs of electronic dance music with an AAA ranking and about to unleash I-Cube's (killer) 5th solo album, "M Megamix" (including 24 new tracks!).

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NYC's CCC are releasing Mugwump's remix from their amazing "Acid Snow" track and it comes with a nasty lil fan video...

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Leftorium 10.12.2011

Our next big event is scheduled on the 10.12.11 at AA Docks again with a huge line-up: UK dance-music LEGEND, Andrew Weatherall, Kompakt mainstay Tobias Thomas and Leftorium's own and Kompakt artist Geoffroy Mugwump

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Long playlist of special favourites AND listening clips for the über cool finger magazine

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